In the beginning...

Back in 2014, when we still had dull day jobs, Matt was changing the pickups in his guitar and had a brainwave. What if he didn't need to mess around with all of this soldering and de-soldering? Surely, there must be a better way?

It turns out the best way to find out if your idea is a good one, is to give it a go.

Starting with just a few orders a month and working from a spare bedroom, our time-saving, gear-improving solderless harnesses are now played by thousands of guitarists globally. We are also privileged to have a growing list of excellent international dealers.

What drives us?

Continually improving our unique mix of intuitive design and uncompromising quality, to produce the world's best sounding and easiest to install Pro-Wired Electronics for your guitar or bass.

Surely, there must be a better way?
ObsidianWire wizard Mathew working on a guitar

The ObsidianWire team

Even though we have since moved out of the spare bedroom and into a proper workshop, we are still a small family business. Matt and Caitlin run things behind the scenes; from designing the boards to building this website, answering your emails and setting up product photos.

We also have three fantastic staff members taking care of production, quality control, good banter and packing.
Occasionally in the school holidays the kids come in to supervise and offer their expert opinions.

We are completely invested in ensuring you fall in love with
your guitar all over again.

What sets us apart?

We back our products and appreciate those who support them.

We are completely invested in ensuring you fall in love with your guitar all over

We offer endless support, 100% satisfaction guarantee, an unbeatable 5 year warranty, and genuinely enjoy hearing where your new gear takes you.

All from right here in little old Ōtautahi, New Zealand.

Mathew and Caitlin Goodall


ObsidianWire Address

Unit D
3 Avenger Crescent
Wigram 8042
New Zealand

Why Obsidian?

Superior Sound

Every Obsidian harness has been designed and built for greater clarity and control.

Solderless Install

Achieve a quick and easy install using the Obsidian solderless connectors.

Premium Quality

At Obsidian we use only the best parts, deigns and build techniques for a superior wiring harness.

Industry Leading
5 Year Warranty

At ObsidianWire we love what we do and stand by it with pride. We offer a full 5 Year replacement Warranty on all Obsidian products